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High precision and light weight are realized by our own micro actuator technology.
World's smallest and lightest design (Approximately 2/3 of conventional product)
High-precision continuous dispensing

Improvement of accuracy deterioration due to hand warming




World's smallest and lightest design!
Length 135mm, Weight 75g
This is a small motorized pipette with less burden!

It can also be held like a pen!

Useful for precise dispensing into small wells and tubes. (Can also be held in the conventional way)

*Patented globally

Stable Accuracy

The problem of dispensing volume changes due to hand heat transfer is corrected by measuring the internal temperature and automatically compensating for it. 

The most suitable pipett efor PCR prep

Automatic dispensing volume compensation + continuous dispensing accuracy guarantee accurate results.

Customized Development

Flexibly Customizable for External Control


Robot Arm


Prep of analyzers

Connect to POCT device

Application. 1

 Prep of analyzers with robot arm


Application. 2

 Validate the dispensing operation


1. The programming function

Set the dispensing volume on the PC. Transfer the data to the pipette by External Control.

→ Improve the efficiency for POCT / PCR setup

2. Log function

Automatically save the Date and Time, a Name of operator and Dispensed volume for validation.

→ Validate the test result and improve the data

3. Navigation function

Visual well plate navigation. A divided injection point is shown to a display by exclusive application.

→ Reduce the human error (Such as mistake / twofold dispense)


スクリーンショット 2023-05-17 10.30.08.png

[ Attachable tip ]

Compatible with universal / general tip.

GILSON, Eppendolf, Greiner Bio-One, Thermo Fisher Scientific, RAININ (Except LTS)

*Product is evaluated by Thermo Fisher Scientific (ART Tips, Finn Tips)

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